One of the applications for Mac OS that I especially adore is Alfred. Having used Quicksilver and also the inbuilt search system Spotlight I was looking for something that adds more productivity and utility to my workflow.

I’ve been blogging already about my Octopress Alfred Workflow which enables quick generation of new posts using the Markdown editor of your choice. This example highlights the omnipresent functionality to execute a series of tasks or quickly find something.

On top of that there is a ton of useful workflows that can save using 2 or 3 tools combined. The Alfred team wrote a blog post highlighting some awesome workflows on top of that a ton of people share their workflows in the official forum:

  • The Unit converter helps with calculating dollars in euros, miles in kilometers etc.
  • One other workflow I like is Roll Some Dice that helps to quickly generate a random number between x and y
  • Network Info shows your external IP and your Mac address

There is many more interesting workflows and I can just encourage everybody to try Alfred out.

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