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Node.js Tutorial

At PayPal one of the biggest efforts in the last few months was getting rid of the old architecture and revamping it by using modern techniques and frameworks like Node.js, Express and Dust.

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Summary Droidcon Paris 2013

On Monday & Tuesday last week our Developer Relations team has been visiting Droidcon Paris. We had a booth over there and I had a speech about our new Android SDK on the second day. In this post I want to summarize the event as lots of people asked me already if it’s worth it to attend a first time event.

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Organizing a Hackday - Part 2

In my previous post I wrote about the Hack Day Manifesto and about some tools that help you with Analytics for your hackathon. It is pretty important to understand if your current marketing works of if you should change your current strategy in order to grow audience and reach out to more developers.

My second post is dedicated to building the site, finding some interesting partners for your event and some general guidance that is important for the days before the event AND the event itself. Even if the Be clear part of this is very short: Make sure to do this part right!

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