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I’ve been using a MacBook Air for the last couple of years and have not had the pleasure of working with a Retina resolution Mac. This changed last week when I finally got my new shiny 2015 MacBook Pro 15” and got introduced to the world of sharp text and proper display resolutions.

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Taming Ruby with rbenv

My colleague Cristiano told me about rbenv a couple of months ago. This was when I’ve already setup my Ruby development environment using rvm - I didn’t get to appreciate the real power of rbenv until a few days ago: I just got a new MacBook Pro as developer machine and had to set up Ruby again in order to work with my blog and a couple of other projects.

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My I/O 2015 Highlights

Last week the 8th edition of Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco, was held in the Moscone Center. Personally, I’ve attended 4 of them so far and have to admit that I’ve never left without being impressed by Google pushing the technology space forward. Let’s go through my favorite two new announcements that were presented during the two days of constant talks, code labs and engaging side activities.

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Using npm modules via GitHub

At most of the hackathons that I am attending for PayPal I see people running into the same issues with Node projects over and over again: a certain Node module they want to use (via is faulty or doesn’t 100% do what they want to do and they have no idea how to change this.

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