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Using npm modules via GitHub

At most of the hackathons that I am attending for PayPal I see people running into the same issues with Node projects over and over again: a certain Node module they want to use (via is faulty or doesn’t 100% do what they want to do and they have no idea how to change this.

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Summary Reaktor Dev Day

I’ve been to a lot of conferences, hacks and meetups this year and enjoyed most of them a lot. Most of these events were great and I got to know lots of great attendees and speakers. But quite frank: Reaktor Dev Day in Helsinki was over 9000! Here’s my summary of some great days spent in Helsinki.

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Node.js Tutorial

At PayPal one of the biggest efforts in the last few months was getting rid of the old architecture and revamping it by using modern techniques and frameworks like Node.js, Express and Dust.

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